Tinys thoughts on the recordings

thoughts and reactions as the interview is going on. (E.g., "At this point I began to feel uneasy. I was a little frightened and wondered what to do next.") Record verbal and non-verbal behaviors engaged in by specific members of the group. Guide your observations by the statements and questions.

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The Center for Applied Linguistics Collection contains hours of recordings documenting North American English dialects. The recordings include speech samples, linguistic interviews, oral histories, conversations, and excerpts from public speeches. They were drawn from various archives, and from the private collections of fifty collectors, including linguists, dialectologists, and folklorists.

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  1.  ·  · At the bot tom, manufacturers of pre recorded tapes admit, they cut off bass sharply to keep from overloading the tiny, tinny speakers on Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

  2.  ·  · Thought Record Worksheet. This Automatic Thought Record Worksheet provides an excellent way to capture faulty thinking and begin the process of cognitive restructuring. ‘Mood first’ thought record. The following variation on the TR theme provides a simple way to record feelings, situations, and automatic thoughts in one s:

  3. A thought record is a way of putting your thoughts to the test. It s designed to help you change your moods by finding a more balanced way of thinking about things. In short, you identify a dubious thought and “put it on trial.” The end result of a thought record is a more balanced ted Reading Time: 8 mins.

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