· друг, sometimes written as Дpyг or Apyr, pronounced "droog", is the nickname of a cryptid featured in a cursed image of a Deathclaw from the Fallout video game series. The creature is named after the Russian word for "friend," pronounced "droog" or "drook.".

друг., -га (-зья nom pl) (-зей gen pl) м friend. разг, обращение mate. друг друга one another, each other. друг другу (говорить) to one another или each other. друг за другом one after another. друг о друге (говорить) about one another или each other.

 · друг [сущ. м.] – friend – бли́зкий друг — intimate / close friend – друг де́тства — childhood friend, playfellow – будь дру́гом — be so kind, do me a favour – друг дру́га — each other, one another – друг с дру́гом — with each otherReviews: 1.

ДРУГ - Добровільна реєстрація українських громадян за кордоном.

 · no. Don't mention or you will be sucked into the void. I did look up the translation though and it means "friend," so whatever.

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  1. друг с другом adverb. drug s drugom together. близкий друг noun, phrase. blizkiy drug close friend, familiar, crony, intimate, one's second self. верный друг noun. vernyy drug true friend, faithful companion, unfailing friend.

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