Bass Groove (Instrumental)

Epic Grooves For Bass players is a collection of incredible sound backing tracks designed to supercharge your bass groove using “Groove Level System”.. This backing track album is inspired by legendary bands and artists such as theThe Police to The Beatles, Kool & The Gang to The Meters and Foo Fighters To Muse.

 · The focus on this next song are the instruments because there are not any lyrics with this Funk instrumental. “Cissy Strut” placed number 4 on the R&B chart and inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in The bass line in this song is smooth and accented due to the fact that it is the base of this lyric-less song.

The INSTRUMENTAL version of WASTE features a super heavy drum and bass groove, ravaging slide guitars, syncopated synthesizers and a mid-track break that builds to a climactic, powerful ending! Great for chase scenes, crime scenes or any testosterone-fueled production looking for a NIN sound! Instrumental, Indie Rock, Industrial Rock.

 · I've been following the Funk thread with great interest though I came to it very late and have a lot of catching up to do! Specifically I'm.

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Frankenstein - Tokyo Police Club - Champ (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album) Aasim - Hip Hop 101 (Vinyl) The Games Up

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  1. Groove 1: Alain Caron. Alain Caron is a Canadian bassist whose work on fretless six-string bass is nothing short of extraordinary (he does play fretted as well and not too shabby). This particular groove features a rich harmonic spectrum and fierce cross-string movement.

  2.  · Support & get BASS TABS → Full band version bass play-alongs Download a free bass jam h.

  3. Bootsy Collin's Bass Line on ™™ ™ ™ Untitled Instrumental as featured on 'Motherlode by James Brown ™™ ™ ™ 4 6 9 12?## Transcription by Scott Sutherland Main Groove D7 ¤?## Leading Into Bridge ¤?## Bridge G7 ¤?## ¤?## ¤ œœœ. J ‰‰ œ. J‰ œ. J‰ nœ. J‰œ. Jnœ#œœnœœœœœ 7. 7. 5.

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